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Meet the person behind the scenes!


My name is Angel. I am a wife, a mom, a podcaster and a Virtual Assistant! 

Owner of The Modest Company

Angel Wilborn

Owner & Podcaster

I love to organize! Seriously, it's one of my favorite pastimes. My love language is to-do lists, sticky notes, and pretty pens to write them with! 

I hold a Master of Arts in Public Relations and a Certificate in Event Planning. I also have 10+ years of experience in customer service and administration. 

I am a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. Two critical moments in my life led to this discovery. The first was when I was a work-study in the Chancellor's office during undergrad. I was shocked and intrigued about everything that had to go on behind the scenes just for one thing to come together. The second was when I was frantically running around helping my Godsister find stuff she had "misplaced" on her wedding day. As she walked down the aisle, I remember thinking, "All that running around was worth it. Everything fell into place, and no one knows a thing." 

After those experiences, I realized my place is behind the scenes, making sure things are getting done, misplaced items are found, and the plan comes together without anyone being the wiser! 
Growing up, I always wanted to be a talk show host. While I did not make it in front of the camera, I did make it behind the microphone! I started a podcast called The Mod Co. On this podcast, I give tips on getting organized, planning, and talking about an entrepreneur's life.

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Helping women business owners get ORGANIZED is the foundation of The Modest Company.

I FOCUS on the back end task, so you can FOCUS on what you love! To do that I have to get CREATIVE! 

Kindness, Honesty, and Communication

are our core values

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